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I'm NEW to cigars.....What are good samplers for new people to try?

Posted by Jeff Brown on Oct 19th 2022

Hey, everyone was NEW once in their life! The same can be said for people who enjoy cigars. I am asked often about cigars for the new smoker. So I created a category on my site to help you find awesome samplers that are on the mild side. 

Most of these cigars are light on the Ligero leaf. This leaf is on the top of the tobacco plant and contains a high concentration on nicotine. This is what makes a cigar strong and can give you a buzz! #facts.

You will find milder cigars from famous makers like Perdomo, Camacho, Macanudo, Gispert, Rocky Patel, La Palina, Gran Habano, Villager, Don Diego, Alec Bradley, and Montecristo. That's just the beginning, there are way more! 

The idea behind is to allow you to try a VARIETY and find what YOU enjoy. I suggest keeping notes and trying a cigar a few times to see if you really enjoy it., Did you know that smoking a cigar in the morning makes the cigar taste different than later at night? What you pair your cigar with also has an effect. Keep these things in mind as you explore the vast cigar world!

Thank you for letting be part of your journey!