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The Holiday Season is coming!

Posted by Jeff Brown on Dec 8th 2022

It's that time of the year! All the big holidays are right around the corner and here are some tips and reminders to make this season awesome!!! First, you need to get your Christmas orders in by December 17th. The US post office and UPS say this is the last shipping day to get your goodies before Christmas. Don't put it off!!! You know that my shipping is fast and FREE. However, if you live out west, it takes a few days. This is your warning, get it now.
What to buy? There are a ton of answers to this question. Buy what you like is the best answer. However, there are tons of people buying gifts and you may have company this season. My suggestion is my "new to cigar" section at This section is filled with cigars that are very safe. By safe I mean that they are all on the mellow side and can be smoked by everyone.
Lastly, don't forget my gift sets and quick smokes! The Oliva Advent calendar is HOT, my short cigars a perfect for colder weather, and my samplers will fit most stockings! Happy Holiday Season!!! Jeff