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About Us

Hi. I'm Jeff Brown and I've been "in the business" for about 20 years. Many friends suggested I start my own cigar business. I took a chance and I'm happy to bring you Cigar Samplers!

If you are NEW to cigars, welcome, and rest assured that you are getting GREAT cigars from a VERY trusted source, me.
I LOVE cigars! I love everything about the cigar business too. The Culture, the relaxation, the makers, and the people are what cigars are all about.
I'm building a unique business. You are getting a TRUE variety pack from me. Four different vendors combined in one heat-sealed pack and shipped to you FREE!

As time goes, you will see me adding more products to the inventory. Also, make sure you get on my email list and follow me socially to keep up with all that is going on.

Thank you ALL for your support and business! I appreciate your encouragement and look forward to our journey together. It's been a challenge launching this site. The pandemic has caused cigar shortages and it is tough getting inventory. I will be forever grateful to those who helped me get started and launch my dream!

Lastly, I built this site on my own. There are always going to be issues in a startup. Copywriting, different versions for mobile versus laptop versus tablet, photos that look wonky, and just technology, in general, can throw a curveball! Remember, you are getting premium cigars, in a heat-sealed package at a fair price delivered for FREE! Please be patient, I will correct items as I grow.

All the best,
Jeff "Free Shipping" Brown