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  • Honduran Sampler 3

    Honduran Sampler 3

    Honduras makes some great cigars. This Cigar Samplers deal showcases some of the best and brightest hailings from Honduras. As an added bonus, all these cigars feature a Connecticut wrapper. This will be a more mellow lot. Perfect for the novice smoker,...

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  • Great Honduran Cigar Samplers offering! Taste what Honduras has to offer!!!

    Honduran Sampler 2

    I call this my "taste the rainbow" of Honduras pack. The only thing these cigars have in common is that they are all handmade in Honduras. They range in size, strength, and taste. That's what a true sampler does. It allows you to get in a variety and see...

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    All Honduran sampler! Super value and FREE shipping.

    Honduran Sampler 1

    I love visiting Honduras and I love the cigars from Honduras even more! There are plenty of great cigars coming from Honduras and I have 4 that embody the spirit and taste of Honduras.Flor de Copan (shoutout to Elmer) makes some great cigars and the...

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