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  • RoMa Craft Cromagnon Aquitaine Cranium Gran Toro,  Southern Draw Kudzu Oscuro Robusto, Dissident Molotov LE Robusto, &  Dunbarton & Trust Mi Querida Triqui Traca No. 552 all together in one offering! FREE shipping is included. Grade A all the way!!!

    Grade A Goodness

    I'm calling this sampler my " Grade A " sampler. Usually, Grade A is used to mean something great, enjoyable, or of superb quality. This offering ticks all those boxes and many more. Read on!The first uber-premium smoke is the RoMa...

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  • This is the good stuff! Padron Anniversario, CroMag Neanderthal, Oliva V and Avo. #BOOM #Rated #GREATSAMPLER

    Great Day Sampler

    I call this Cigar Samplers offering " The Great Day Sampler " and my reason is simple. If you get to smoke this pack in 24 hours, it was a great day! Anytime you can enjoy a Padron 1964, a RoMa craft, an Oliva V, and an Avo is a special occasion. This is...

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  • Scary good savings on this all Nicaraguan offering! Graycliff, Bella Artes, El Centurian by My Father, and the rated Oliva V all come with FREE shipping.

    Nicaraguan Cornucopia

    This is the Nicaraguan Horn O' Plenty! Some of the countries finest cigar makers are featured in this Cigar Samplers offering. You get the best for a GREAT price and the shipping in on me. Drink it in folks! The Graycliff Habano Torpedo ( 6.2 X 54) is...

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  • A great variety of Toro-sized cigars from Nicaragua. You get it all from mellow to full with this offering.

    Nicaragua Sampler 12

    The fertile and volcanic soil of Nicaragua produces some of the world's best tobacco. If you are a fan of cigars, this is not shocking. What's shocking are the cigars in this lineup and the deal that goes with them! Keep in mind that these are all Toro's...

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  • Top rated Robusto sized cigars hailing from Nicaragua! Great value with FREE shipping.

    Nicaragua Sampler 11

    This Cigar Samplers deal is going to be another hit! I'm talking about all Robusto-sized cigars that hail from Nicaragua and are top names in the greater Esteli area. Some are even rated over 90 points. Add FREE shipping and savings off MSRP and I'm...

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  • All Toro sized and All Nicaraguan at low prices. FREE shipping on this pack. Cigar Samplers for the win!

    Toro Sampler 14

    Great news for you! All these Toro-shaped cigars hail directly from Nicaragua!!! Some of these premium sticks are new to you, others are very familiar. That's what I do at Cigar Samplers.. variety. I try to bring you the goods from the "big guys",...

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  • Try  these Toro-sized Nicaraguan puros at a great price!

    Nicaragua Sampler 10

    Here's the short on this Cigar Samplers pack. 1- They are all from Nicaragua. 2- They are all Toro sizes. 3- They are all "darker" cigars. 4- They ship for FREE and 5- They are darn tasty cigars. The first Toro up is the Sindicato Affinity ( 6 X 54 )...

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  • Nicaragua Sampler 9

    Nicaragua Sampler 9

    I must really enjoy Toro's from Nicaragua or there is a cigar shortage and I'm happy to get my hands on whatever I can that's good. You decide! It really doesn't matter because this Cigar Samplers pack may be too good to pass up. Yes, all the cigars hail...

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  • Toro sized and all made in Nicaragua. Great cigars at a great price!

    Nicaragua Sampler 8

    This Cigar Samplers deal is a sleeper that you need to wake up! Sure, you know names like Gurkha, Sindicato, Ortega, and Onyx. This offering gives you subtitles that you may not know about. Trust me, folks, all these cigars are premium long-fillers that...

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  • All Nicaraguan and all Toro! Great deal from Cigar Samplers

    Nicaragua Sampler 7

    What you will get in this all Nicaraguan offering is dark and delicious cigars at Cigar Samplers' pricing! All these cigars are toro in shape and all these cigars are proven winners in the cigar world. Check these out, do the math and enjoy! JC Newman...

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  • All Nicaraguan and all Toro sized at a great value.

    Nicaragua Sampler 6

    Welcome to Nicaragua! This tour will be all about the Toro size cigar. Keeping true to our name, Cigar Samplers, you will experience a variety of cigars in this sampler. From a creamy Connecticut to a full maduro... this sampler touches all the bases for...

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  • Here's the short and skinny on this Cigar Samplers Deal-O-Rama. Save around 30% off MSRP, enjoy the FREE shipping AND get some awesome Nicaraguan Robusto cigars to enjoy!

    Robusto Sampler 13

    This Cigar Samplers deal features all Robusto-sized vitolas hailing from Nicaragua. Did you know that the soil and micro-climate in Nicaragua make it perfect for cigar plants and coffee too? #funfact The soil in Nicaragua is almost black due to it being...

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