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  • This is the good stuff! Padron Anniversario, CroMag Neanderthal, Oliva V and Avo. #BOOM #Rated #GREATSAMPLER

    Great Day Sampler

    I call this Cigar Samplers offering " The Great Day Sampler " and my reason is simple. If you get to smoke this pack in 24 hours, it was a great day! Anytime you can enjoy a Padron 1964, a RoMa craft, an Oliva V, and an Avo is a special occasion. This is...

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  • All silver labels. All premium, all great names, all long-filler!

    Rio de Plata

    In Spanish, Rio de Plata translates to a River of silver. The first thing you will notice in this Cigar Samplers deal is that all the bands are silver. Besides being silver, all these cigars are top-notch, long-filler, highly-rated, and well thought of...

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  • SAVE $$$$ by buying this all TORO pack! The shipping is FREE to boot! Add to cart now.

    Toro Sampler 13

    This Cigar Samplers offering is unique for several reasons. First, all 4 cigars are a popular Toro size. That means each cigar is about 6 inches long and has a ring gauge between 52 and 54. Remember, ring gauge is expressed in 1/64's of an inch. So a 64...

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  • SALE
    Big, Bold, and priced to sell! FREE shipping always! HUGE sampler for you.

    Big Ring Sampler #5

    Extra Extra read all about it! I am pumped to be bringing you the biggest Cigar Samplers offering to date! These cigars are all big and plump. Plus, I think that I may have priced them crazy low. That's good for you and could be a problem for me. Time...

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    Now: $19.99
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  • This could be the BEST Robusto/ Box pressed sampler I have! Get it with FREE shipping today!

    Robusto Sampler 8

    This Cigar Samplers offering is special and cool. Each cigar is classified as a Robusto and each cigar is different in size. In short, each cigar "fits" into the Robusto range of sizes. Each cigar in this offering is box-pressed. Some are a softbox press...

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  • Great cigars from Nicaragua. Super value! Sweet deal on some of the best cigars from Nicaragua!!!

    Nicaragua Sampler 1

    Here's the lowdown on the true sampler. All the cigars are made in Nicaragua. All the cigars are different vitolas and tastes. If you want to visit Nicaragua and see all it offers, just add this Cigar Samplers pack to your cart and you're almost there!...

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  • Great Boutique cigars at a better price!

    Boutique Sampler 2

    This Cigar Samplers offering will check ALL the boxes for you! Boutique cigars, check. Dark and tasty, check. All from Nicaragua, check. Priced WAY below MSRP, check! Take a gander at what I put together for you here. First up is a cigar near and dear to...

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  • Nice selection of Connecticut shade cigars! Value with FREE shipping!!!! Sweet deal.

    Connecticut Sampler 4

    They call me Mellow Mellow quite nicely! There is a song here somewhere. Actually, the song is the price of this mellow group of Toro-sized Connecticut-wrapped sticks that you are about to see.Alec Bradley Medalist Toro ( 6 X 54) is a Honduran Puro made...

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