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Big Name Samplers

  • Amazing Boutique Selection!  Pledge Sojourn by EPC,  The Dunbarton & Trust Mi Querida Traca, Drew Estate Maduro, RoMa Craft Neanderthal HN, all together with FREE shipping!

    Holy Cow! Check this out!!!

    YES!!! This offer from will make you say "Holy Cow!" I'm bringing the heat with this sampler folks. All BIG names, all BIG flavors, and all BIG on the popularity front. Toss in some high ratings and you have a winner with this...

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  • You get a Caldwell Eastern Standard Magnum, Sir Robert Peel Maduro by Protocol, RoMa Craft Neanderthal HN Robusto, AND Mi Querida Triqui Traca in this full-body pack of goodness. Toss in FREE shipping and this wins!!!

    OMG...Yes Please

    Oh My God, YES I did make this pack! If you are searching for harder-to-find cigars that are full, rich, and tasty; THIS is your pack! I've cobbled together some GREAT cigars, beat down the MSRP, and still have FREE shipping. Read on and be impressed.The...

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  • This is the good stuff! Padron Anniversario, CroMag Neanderthal, Oliva V and Avo. #BOOM #Rated #GREATSAMPLER

    Great Day Sampler

    I call this Cigar Samplers offering " The Great Day Sampler " and my reason is simple. If you get to smoke this pack in 24 hours, it was a great day! Anytime you can enjoy a Padron 1964, a RoMa craft, an Oliva V, and an Avo is a special occasion. This is...

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  • RoMa Craft, Joy De Nicaragua, Avo #2, and Alec Bradley Gatekeeper all in one place! BOOM, add this to your cart!!!

    Jump on it sampler!

    With names like RoMa Craft, Joya de Nicaragua Dark Corojo, Avo, and GateKeeper by Alec Bradley, you have to JUMP on this sampler! It's difficult getting all these goodies in one pack so supplies are limited!!!The RoMa Craft CroMagnon Aquitaine Cranium (...

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  • Stuff it in a turkey? Stuff it in a stocking? Just Stuff it? NO, STUFF it in your mouth! These offerings from Oliva, EPC, Alec Bradley and JC Newman are big enough to stuff anywhere! Have fun and enjoy this HOT deal.

    The Stuffer

    All the cigars in this Cigar Samplers stay-fresh Humidor Bag are BIG and delicious. Take into account that ALL these fine cigars come from a family of 90 or better ratings, taste great, are WELL known, value-priced, AND come with FREE shipping; you...

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  • The pic is wonky, the cigars and deal is not! Nice larger ring gauge cigars with FREE shipping.

    Big Ring Sampler #3

    There are plenty of you out there who enjoy a larger size cigar. The good news, I have larger cigars for you to enjoy in this Cigar Samplers pack. All the cigars are a 6 X 60 with one being a beefy 7 X 48. All the cigars are brands that are popular, long...

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  • Super popular! Look at the names. Romeo y Julieta, Macanudo, Brickhouse an Alec Bradley are all know and trusted names. Perfect Cigar Gift!!!

    Big Name Sampler 9

    I created this sampler for people who want to smoke only popular names in the cigar industry. All these brands are tried and true and have been around for decades. This sampler also makes the perfect gift for those who do not know what to buy that cigar...

    MSRP: $33.68
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  • Fantastic Robusto sized cigars at a value! FREE shipping included.

    Robusto Sampler 7

    Robusto-sized cigars are as popular today as ever. If you have 30-40 minutes to enjoy, Robusto-sized smokes fit the bill. This Cigar Samplers offering is a true mix of Maduro's from the main 3 growing countries and they all happen to be classified, by...

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  • All big ring cigars just for you! Free shipping on this beefy selection. The value is too good not to jump on!!!

    Big Ring Sampler #2

    This is a BEEFY sampler of all Toro or Toro plus-sized cigars. All are well known and a few have 90+ ratings with Cigar Aficionado. The bottom line is this: at over 40% off MSRP and I pay shipping, buy this while supplies last! Boom. The Cult Ometepe...

    MSRP: $39.80
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  • Box pressed cigars at their finest! This pack has the number #1 cigar of the year!!!  Very popular! Get it while you can.

    Toro Sampler 9 (Box Pressed)

    Let me tell you why this Cigar Samplers deal is going to make the people crazy! 1) There are two #1 blends of the year in here. 2) One of the two is the MOST recent by EPC. 3) This ECP blend is pretty much "Sold Out" everywhere. 4) All the cigars are...

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  • Gurkha Black Dragon, Gran Habano Vintage 2005, La Paulina #2, and Oliva O are featured in this offering! All BIG and all shipping for FREE to you!!!

    Big Name Sampler 8

    Questions. Do you like BIG cigars? Do you like saving BIG money on Big cigars? Do you want FREE shipping? If you said yes, just put this in your cart and move on to the next Cigar Samplers offering! This pack is over 50% off MSRP and features BIG sticks...

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