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Samplers By Country

Cigar Samplers is proud to offer cigars from every major tobacco-growing region in the world. We have cigar samplers hailing from the big 3 countries of the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. We may even toss in a few other countries from time to time, you never know.

I'm a big fan of variety! I will be building samplers that will mix it up sometimes. You may get one or two cigars from Nicaragua, one or two from Honduras, and even a few from the Dominican Republic as well. Are you a purist? I got you covered too. As I grow, I will be offering plenty of Cigar Samplers that are 100% Nicaraguan or 100% Honduran, or 100% Dominican.

As I said, I like variety. Try tobaccos from different growing regions and see if you can taste differences. Will you enjoy tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras? Will you be able to tell the difference if a cigar uses tobacco from different countries or is a puro? BTW, a Puro is a cigar made 100% from a particular country. Who knows, if you try enough Cigar Samplers, you may be able to taste the difference between Esteli, Danli, Sara Lee, and Bruce Lee.

  • RoMa Craft Cromagnon Aquitaine Cranium Gran Toro,  Southern Draw Kudzu Oscuro Robusto, Dissident Molotov LE Robusto, &  Dunbarton & Trust Mi Querida Triqui Traca No. 552 all together in one offering! FREE shipping is included. Grade A all the way!!!

    Grade A Goodness

    I'm calling this sampler my " Grade A " sampler. Usually, Grade A is used to mean something great, enjoyable, or of superb quality. This offering ticks all those boxes and many more. Read on!The first uber-premium smoke is the RoMa...

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  • Amazing Boutique Selection!  Pledge Sojourn by EPC,  The Dunbarton & Trust Mi Querida Traca, Drew Estate Maduro, RoMa Craft Neanderthal HN, all together with FREE shipping!

    Holy Cow! Check this out!!!

    YES!!! This offer from will make you say "Holy Cow!" I'm bringing the heat with this sampler folks. All BIG names, all BIG flavors, and all BIG on the popularity front. Toss in some high ratings and you have a winner with this...

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  • RoMa Craft, Joy De Nicaragua, Avo #2, and Alec Bradley Gatekeeper all in one place! BOOM, add this to your cart!!!

    Jump on it sampler!

    With names like RoMa Craft, Joya de Nicaragua Dark Corojo, Avo, and GateKeeper by Alec Bradley, you have to JUMP on this sampler! It's difficult getting all these goodies in one pack so supplies are limited!!!The RoMa Craft CroMagnon Aquitaine Cranium (...

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  • All silver labels. All premium, all great names, all long-filler!

    Rio de Plata

    In Spanish, Rio de Plata translates to a River of silver. The first thing you will notice in this Cigar Samplers deal is that all the bands are silver. Besides being silver, all these cigars are top-notch, long-filler, highly-rated, and well thought of...

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  • SALE
    Simply Red...Do the right thing..Hit me now. Fratello, Romeo, Macanudo and Rocky all in RED! Perfect for any day or a Holiday! Get you some.

    Simply RED

    The "Redder The Better" could mean so much. At Cigar Samplers, it just means all the labels are RED. Good around Christmas time, 4th of July, or anytime you want premium cigars at a wonderful price! Anytime is a good time for this offering. The Fratello...

    MSRP: $34.75
    Was: $24.99
    Now: $18.99
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  • Better than 50% off MSRP! Big and tasty. This value is strong. Graycliff, Jesus Fuego, Pinar Del Rio and Gran Habano. The first 3 are 6 X 60 whoppers! BOOM

    Too Big Too Good Too Cheap!

    Sometimes the name says it all. This is one of those times! Too Big? Too Good? Too Cheap? YES to all. Most of these cigars are chunky 6 X 60's. The lone little one is 6 X 54. All the cigars are rich in flavor AND this pack is over 50% off MSRP! My...

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  • Scary good savings on this all Nicaraguan offering! Graycliff, Bella Artes, El Centurian by My Father, and the rated Oliva V all come with FREE shipping.

    Nicaraguan Cornucopia

    This is the Nicaraguan Horn O' Plenty! Some of the countries finest cigar makers are featured in this Cigar Samplers offering. You get the best for a GREAT price and the shipping in on me. Drink it in folks! The Graycliff Habano Torpedo ( 6.2 X 54) is...

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  • Onyx Bold, Asylum Premium, AB Black Market Esteli, LGC Medio Tiempo...YES please! Add to cart to get FREE shipping!

    Dark & Decadent

    If you want 4 cigars to get your attention, then the Dark & Decadent pack is calling you! Great variety, nice price, and even better cigars await you. Take a walk on the dark side!!! Onyx Bold Nicaragua Toro ( 6 X 54 ) is yet another collaboration...

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  • If you like Dark and or the Light cigars, this cigar samplers deal is for you! GREAT price, selection, and FREE shipping

    Dark & Light Mash-Up

    A smart man recently told me to stop giving my Cigar Samplers deals names and numbers. He said to be creative and come up with better names. So, my reason for this name is simple, you are getting 2 lighter wrapped cigars and 2 darker wrapped cigars,...

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  • Top Toro's to tantalize! You save and get fantastic cigars delivered with FREE shipping. #BOOM

    Top Toro's

    Wow! You folks love Toro's. We've been going at it for a bit now and the Toro size is right up there in popularity. This Cigar Samplers offering has something for every Toro, or even, cigar lover out there! Check out the goods below.The AJ New World Toro...

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  • It's FALL y'all! Get these GREAT Robusto-sized deals today! Great brands and even better pricing!

    Robusto "Fall-like" Deal

    Why "Fall-Like"? Well, I created this Robusto-sized Cigar Samplers deal in the fall months, AND the price "Falls" way below MSRP! Check out my offering and you will agree that it is yet another fine example of what Cigar Samplers is all about!I'm coming...

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