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  • If you like Dark and or the Light cigars, this cigar samplers deal is for you! GREAT price, selection, and FREE shipping

    Dark & Light Mash-Up

    A smart man recently told me to stop giving my Cigar Samplers deals names and numbers. He said to be creative and come up with better names. So, my reason for this name is simple, you are getting 2 lighter wrapped cigars and 2 darker wrapped cigars,...

    MSRP: $33.66
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  • It's FALL y'all! Get these GREAT Robusto-sized deals today! Great brands and even better pricing!

    Robusto "Fall-like" Deal

    Why "Fall-Like"? Well, I created this Robusto-sized Cigar Samplers deal in the fall months, AND the price "Falls" way below MSRP! Check out my offering and you will agree that it is yet another fine example of what Cigar Samplers is all about!I'm coming...

    MSRP: $45.64
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  • Great Robusto Sampler featuring Perdomo Lot 23,  La Aurora Maduro, Avo, and Punch! Get FREE shipping and this deal is too good to pass up!!!!

    Robusto Sampler New for October

    We are OPEN for business and this is the FIRST sampler that I've cobbled together since our opening! It's October and the weather is changing. That means it's Robusto time. Get out and enjoy these quick smokes while you can! Each cigar should last you...

    MSRP: $31.59
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  • Top rated Robusto sized cigars hailing from Nicaragua! Great value with FREE shipping.

    Nicaragua Sampler 11

    This Cigar Samplers deal is going to be another hit! I'm talking about all Robusto-sized cigars that hail from Nicaragua and are top names in the greater Esteli area. Some are even rated over 90 points. Add FREE shipping and savings off MSRP and I'm...

    MSRP: $35.80
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  • Here's the short and skinny on this Cigar Samplers Deal-O-Rama. Save around 30% off MSRP, enjoy the FREE shipping AND get some awesome Nicaraguan Robusto cigars to enjoy!

    Robusto Sampler 13

    This Cigar Samplers deal features all Robusto-sized vitolas hailing from Nicaragua. Did you know that the soil and micro-climate in Nicaragua make it perfect for cigar plants and coffee too? #funfact The soil in Nicaragua is almost black due to it being...

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  • SALE
    Robusto Sampler 12

    Robusto Sampler 12

    This Robusto offering from Cigar Samplers allows you to experience some great cigars at a square price. I really enjoy this pack of cigars. All the makers are great and I've seen all their factories up close and they all are top-notch! The best thing...

    MSRP: $33.78
    Was: $24.99
    Now: $19.99
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  • This Cigar Samplers deal really does let you experience all that Nicaragua has to offer. And at better than 30% off MSRP with FREE shipping, it's a value of a deal!

    Nicaragua Sampler 5

    Come and taste the rainbow that is Nicaragua! This offering from Cigar Samplers gives you cigars that range from full to mellow and makes some medium stops in between. Even the Robusto sizes have some variance too. This is what Cigar Samplers is about,...

    MSRP: $32.44
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  • Check out this amazing line up of Robusto's! FREE shipping no matter how many you add to your cart!!!

    Robusto Sampler 11

    Check out the assortment I've cobbled together for you my friend! First, they are all Robusto in size. Second, I'm bringing you cigars from all 3 major cigar countries. Third, these are some GREAT brands that retail in that $10-$12 range. Last, you will...

    MSRP: $40.69
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  • Mellow Connecticut Sampler with FREE shipping! The perfect cigar gift!!!

    Connecticut Sampler 12

    I smoke a ton of cigars! This Cigar Samplers deal would be a perfect gift for that cigar smoker in your life that you have no idea what he/she smokes. This would also be the ideal package if you were NEW and wanted to enjoy quality cigars that are on the...

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  • 4 great Robsto's with FREE shipping from ( Fratello, Perdomo Lot 23, Don Diego and Partagas 1845)

    Robusto Sampler 10

    This Robusto offering from Cigar Samplers has a great variety of names you know and love with names you will get to know and love once you smoke them. Here's the best part... If you bought these cigars separately, you would pay over $35.00. With your old...

    MSRP: $35.45
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  • Great Robusto sized cigars at a great value!

    Robusto Sampler 9

    This offering from Cigar Samplers is all about the Robusto vitola. I really enjoy a Robusto shape. They last, on average, 30 minutes and are portable. Plus I can hold more in my travel cases! Check these out and save some good money. The La Duena Robusto...

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