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NEW to cigars?

We all had to start somewhere! I'm glad you are here and I welcome you to the fantastic world of cigars.

The cigars in this section are more mellow and are perfect for a person who is just starting out. They are also great for an experienced smoker who wants a nice and mellow stick. The point is that most of these cigars have less ligero in them and therefore less nicotine. Ligero leaves are found at the top of the plant and are stronger in body and flavor. This is ideal for those wanting a mellow smoke.

Everyone has different tastes and you will find that your taste will change over time. I offer these cigars as fine examples of a great place to begin. Please try different cigars from different countries and shapes as well. Don't feel pressured to smoke the "strong" stuff right away. Remember, cigars are meant to relax YOU. Don't worry about what others are saying. The point of me creating this site was to allow folks to try different stuff from many cigar makers. Smoke what you like and what relaxes you!

Thank you for taking a shot at joining the cigar family! More importantly, thank you for joining the Cigar Sampler Family!!!
Best of luck,

  • Connecticut Sampler 15

    Connecticut Sampler 15

    Connecticut shade fans rejoice! If you love them mellow and you love big names, look no further. At about 25% off MSRP AND free shipping, this sampler screams value. Creamy goodness awaits you my friend. Check it out! Macanudo Hyde Park ( 5.5 X 49 ) is a...

    MSRP: $32.04
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  • Mellow Connecticut Sampler at a great price! Gift giver?

    Connecticut Sampler 14

    Do you prefer the mellow side of cigars? Looking to try cigars for the first time? Need the perfect gift for any occasion? This is THE Cigar Samplers deal for you! All these cigars are wildly popular, mellow, and super tasty. Plus they are priced way...

    MSRP: $34.72
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  • Honduran Sampler 3

    Honduran Sampler 3

    Honduras makes some great cigars. This Cigar Samplers deal showcases some of the best and brightest hailings from Honduras. As an added bonus, all these cigars feature a Connecticut wrapper. This will be a more mellow lot. Perfect for the novice smoker,...

    MSRP: $33.46
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  • Mellow Connecticut Sampler with FREE shipping! The perfect cigar gift!!!

    Connecticut Sampler 12

    I smoke a ton of cigars! This Cigar Samplers deal would be a perfect gift for that cigar smoker in your life that you have no idea what he/she smokes. This would also be the ideal package if you were NEW and wanted to enjoy quality cigars that are on the...

    MSRP: $36.22
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  • Great deal on Connecticut shade cigars! Perfect for a gift, weddings, newbies, or anyone who enjoys a mellow smoke!!!

    Connecticut Sampler 11

    Let's face facts! The Connecticut shade wrapper is the most popular wrapper in the world. Why? Maybe because it is grown all over the world and is known for being smooth and creamy. If you enjoy a more mellow smoke, are new to cigar smoking, or looking...

    MSRP: $34.92
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  • Here are the benefits to getting this sampler. 1) You save money! These cigars would cost you about $40 in a store. Less than $25 with your old pal Jeff. 2) They ship to you for FREE no matter how many you buy. 3) These brands are iconic 4) All cigars are smooth and taste great. BOOM!

    Connecticut Sampler 10

    This Cigar Samplers deal is extra fancy. With names like Monte White and The Griffins, you see what I mean. If you are giving this as a gift, be prepared for many "Thank You" and "this is awesome" and "wow" because you will look like a hero! If you are...

    MSRP: $39.26
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  • Smooth and tasty pack of Connecticut shade cigars from FREE shipping on the mellow smokes!!!

    Connecticut Sampler 9

    Connecticut shade wrappers are the #1 selling wrapper worldwide. This offering from Cigar Samplers brings you are a great variety from some of the best makers in the Connecticut business. Enjoy these mellow fellows today at a great price and remember,...

    MSRP: $35.60
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  • Great Connecticut Cigar Samplers deal for you! Mellow and great taste. Check out this GREAT deal for you!!!

    Connecticut Sampler 8

    When I think of Connecticut wrappers I think mellow and light. This Cigar Samplers deal is NOT like that. Yes, I may one or two that are mellow. However, I have one or two that are not. In fact, the Joya could be classified as a full-bodied Connecticut!...

    MSRP: $28.40
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  • Robusto Sampler 6

    Robusto Sampler 6

    Prepare to take a walk on the mild side with this Cigar Samplers offering. All these cigars are draped in Connecticut wrappers, tend to be mellow, and are all Robusto sizes from great factories. The price is right and the shipping is on me! Remember,...

    MSRP: $30.76
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  • Get 4 classic Connecticut wrapped cigars for a great price. Free shipping is included. Macanudo Hyde Park, Camacho Connecticut, The Griffins by Davidoff and Fratello Oro.  All great Robusto-sized cigars!!!

    Connecticut Sampler 7

    Let me explain why this Cigar Samplers deal is flying off the shelves for me. A. These are all Mellow bodied cigars. B. These cigars are all Robusto size. C. These cigars are perfect morning cigars. D. These cigars are perfect for beginners. E. These...

    MSRP: $38.62
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  • Great deal on Connecticut shade cigars! Mellow cigars delivered for FREE!

    Connecticut Sampler 5

    This Connecticut sampler from Cigar Samplers is not all mellow and easy-going! There are a few in here that are better suited for a later day smoke. Don't get me wrong... they are all lovely and buttery, just a bit fuller than "normal". The Gispert Toro...

    MSRP: $29.94
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  • Nice selection of Connecticut shade cigars! Value with FREE shipping!!!! Sweet deal.

    Connecticut Sampler 4

    They call me Mellow Mellow quite nicely! There is a song here somewhere. Actually, the song is the price of this mellow group of Toro-sized Connecticut-wrapped sticks that you are about to see.Alec Bradley Medalist Toro ( 6 X 54) is a Honduran Puro made...

    MSRP: $36.15
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