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  • Awesome full bodied cigars, GREAT pricing, and FREE shipping!

    Full Body Sampler 4

    This Cigar Samplers deal is only for those who like it STRONG! If ligero is your amigo, this deal is all you. These cigars all pack a punch and get you right in your feels! All these cigars are legendary for the wallop they deliver. Retrohale any of...

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  • Great full-bodied sampler with a better value! Don't forget the FREE shipping

    Full Body Sampler 3

    This Cigar Samplers offering is the bee's knees! Check out this laundry list of reasons to put these in your cart; high ratings, full-bodied, full-flavored, dark, variety of shapes, HUGE names, well over 40% off, free shipping, AND these premium...

    MSRP: $42.56
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  • Well rated and fuller bodied!

    Full Body Sampler 2

    If you are like me, you like FULL bodied smokes that are flavor bombs! These are the type of cigars for people who have been enjoying cigars for a long time and grab your attention at first puff!!! If this is you, JUMP on this Cigar Samplers deal now...

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  • Full-bodied and full-flavored! Check out the value here!

    Full Body Sampler 1

    BOOM! Here comes a full-bodied flavor bomb packed with ligero!!! This might be the fullest sampler I have to offer. It's the first one I created and is one of my personal favorites. If you like it strong, you will love this Cigar Samplers offering!Again...

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