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Samplers By Strength

Some enjoy a mellow cigar. Some enjoy a full-bodied ligero bomb. Most like something in the middle of the two. Cigar Samplers has you covered. We also offer "mixed" strength samplers so you can try a true variety

Ligero is what gives cigars their "kick" Ligero leaves are the top leaves on a tobacco plant. As a tobacco plant grows, all the nutrients move towards the sun. Thusly, the top leaves have the most "goodies" in them and are the strongest. A cigar that is heavy in ligero tends to be a bit spicier and has more nicotine content, for the most part. Seco and viso round out the main leaves used in a premium cigar.

Lastly, remember that true premium cigars are made up of 3 parts. Wrapper, the part you see the envelops the cigar. Filler, the tobacco on the inside. Then you have the layer just below the wrapper that holds all the filler, the binder. Try different Cigar Samplers by strength and see what fits you best and how it changes over time!

  • Amazing Boutique Selection!  Pledge Sojourn by EPC,  The Dunbarton & Trust Mi Querida Traca, Drew Estate Maduro, RoMa Craft Neanderthal HN, all together with FREE shipping!

    Holy Cow! Check this out!!!

    YES!!! This offer from will make you say "Holy Cow!" I'm bringing the heat with this sampler folks. All BIG names, all BIG flavors, and all BIG on the popularity front. Toss in some high ratings and you have a winner with this...

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  • You get a Caldwell Eastern Standard Magnum, Sir Robert Peel Maduro by Protocol, RoMa Craft Neanderthal HN Robusto, AND Mi Querida Triqui Traca in this full-body pack of goodness. Toss in FREE shipping and this wins!!!

    OMG...Yes Please

    Oh My God, YES I did make this pack! If you are searching for harder-to-find cigars that are full, rich, and tasty; THIS is your pack! I've cobbled together some GREAT cigars, beat down the MSRP, and still have FREE shipping. Read on and be impressed.The...

    MSRP: $48.79
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  • This is the good stuff! Padron Anniversario, CroMag Neanderthal, Oliva V and Avo. #BOOM #Rated #GREATSAMPLER

    Great Day Sampler

    I call this Cigar Samplers offering " The Great Day Sampler " and my reason is simple. If you get to smoke this pack in 24 hours, it was a great day! Anytime you can enjoy a Padron 1964, a RoMa craft, an Oliva V, and an Avo is a special occasion. This is...

    MSRP: $47.55
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  • All silver labels. All premium, all great names, all long-filler!

    Rio de Plata

    In Spanish, Rio de Plata translates to a River of silver. The first thing you will notice in this Cigar Samplers deal is that all the bands are silver. Besides being silver, all these cigars are top-notch, long-filler, highly-rated, and well thought of...

    MSRP: $42.55
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  • Stuff it in a turkey? Stuff it in a stocking? Just Stuff it? NO, STUFF it in your mouth! These offerings from Oliva, EPC, Alec Bradley and JC Newman are big enough to stuff anywhere! Have fun and enjoy this HOT deal.

    The Stuffer

    All the cigars in this Cigar Samplers stay-fresh Humidor Bag are BIG and delicious. Take into account that ALL these fine cigars come from a family of 90 or better ratings, taste great, are WELL known, value-priced, AND come with FREE shipping; you...

    MSRP: $41.83
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  • A nice selection of Connecticut shade wrappers from two different countries. FREE shipping on your order!

    Connecticut Sampler 16

    This Cigar Samplers offering is sure to please those looking for a mellow to medium variety. If you are new to cigars, looking for a great gift, or a cagey veteran looking for a change of pace; this deal will tick all the boxes! Plus you are saving over...

    MSRP: $31.70
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  • Awesome full bodied cigars, GREAT pricing, and FREE shipping!

    Full Body Sampler 4

    This Cigar Samplers deal is only for those who like it STRONG! If ligero is your amigo, this deal is all you. These cigars all pack a punch and get you right in your feels! All these cigars are legendary for the wallop they deliver. Retrohale any of...

    MSRP: $35.03
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  • Connecticut Sampler 15

    Connecticut Sampler 15

    Connecticut shade fans rejoice! If you love them mellow and you love big names, look no further. At about 25% off MSRP AND free shipping, this sampler screams value. Creamy goodness awaits you my friend. Check it out! Macanudo Hyde Park ( 5.5 X 49 ) is a...

    MSRP: $32.04
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  • Mellow Connecticut Sampler at a great price! Gift giver?

    Connecticut Sampler 14

    Do you prefer the mellow side of cigars? Looking to try cigars for the first time? Need the perfect gift for any occasion? This is THE Cigar Samplers deal for you! All these cigars are wildly popular, mellow, and super tasty. Plus they are priced way...

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  • Honduran Sampler 3

    Honduran Sampler 3

    Honduras makes some great cigars. This Cigar Samplers deal showcases some of the best and brightest hailings from Honduras. As an added bonus, all these cigars feature a Connecticut wrapper. This will be a more mellow lot. Perfect for the novice smoker,...

    MSRP: $33.46
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  • SAVE $$$$ by buying this all TORO pack! The shipping is FREE to boot! Add to cart now.

    Toro Sampler 13

    This Cigar Samplers offering is unique for several reasons. First, all 4 cigars are a popular Toro size. That means each cigar is about 6 inches long and has a ring gauge between 52 and 54. Remember, ring gauge is expressed in 1/64's of an inch. So a 64...

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