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Samplers By Shape

Does size matter? Insert joke here and start working the room blue! Cigar Samplers will be trying to offer you a real variety so you can find out what size is good for you. Maybe you already know what you like, great! You can skip this and move along. For those that are newer or need a bit of size knowledge, read on!

In today's world there exists a ton of sizes when it comes to cigars. Honestly, there is no set or agreed-upon sizing chart out there. However, there exist ranges that some folks can agree upon. Let me give you my thoughts on the subject. To me, there are 3 very popular sizes. Robusto, Toro, and Churchill. Robusto cigars tend to be around 5 x 50. Toro's tend to be a bit bigger and fatter. A typical toro size is a 6 x 52ish. Lastly, the Churchill size tends to be even longer and a bit chubbier than the toro. 7 x 54 is "normal"

What does it mean Jeff? Cigars are a certain number x a certain number ( 5 x 50, 6 x 52, 7. x 54). The FIRST number is expressed in INCHES. The second number is the ring gauge and is expressed in 64's of an inch! Huh? I am not a math wiz so let me make it simple for both of us. If you get a cigar that is a 6 x 64, that means it is 6 inches long and 1 inch thick. If you have a cigar that is 5 x 32, you have a cigar 5 inches long and 1/2 inch thick. Wow, that's some splaining Lucy!

Here's the deal with sizes. A Robusto size cigar should take about 30 minutes to enjoy. A Toro should take about 45 minutes to smoke and a Churchill about an hour. Times will vary and it's all about what YOU PREFER!

  • If you like Dark and or the Light cigars, this cigar samplers deal is for you! GREAT price, selection, and FREE shipping

    Dark & Light Mash-Up

    A smart man recently told me to stop giving my Cigar Samplers deals names and numbers. He said to be creative and come up with better names. So, my reason for this name is simple, you are getting 2 lighter wrapped cigars and 2 darker wrapped cigars,...

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  • Top Toro's to tantalize! You save and get fantastic cigars delivered with FREE shipping. #BOOM

    Top Toro's

    Wow! You folks love Toro's. We've been going at it for a bit now and the Toro size is right up there in popularity. This Cigar Samplers offering has something for every Toro, or even, cigar lover out there! Check out the goods below.The AJ New World Toro...

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  • It's FALL y'all! Get these GREAT Robusto-sized deals today! Great brands and even better pricing!

    Robusto "Fall-like" Deal

    Why "Fall-Like"? Well, I created this Robusto-sized Cigar Samplers deal in the fall months, AND the price "Falls" way below MSRP! Check out my offering and you will agree that it is yet another fine example of what Cigar Samplers is all about!I'm coming...

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  • SALE
    Best VALUE on Toro's! Gran Habano, Espinosa Habano, Montecristo Platinum and a rated Brickhouse make this  deal! LOOK at the price and remember that includes FREE shipping.

    Toro Sampler DEAL

    Now that we are up and running, old Jeff is feeling good and generous! Check out the value on this pack of TORO-sized beauts. Keep in mind that you are getting FREE shipping and the value shines through. Four brand names that you all know and love are...

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    Now: $19.99
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  • Great Robusto Sampler featuring Perdomo Lot 23,  La Aurora Maduro, Avo, and Punch! Get FREE shipping and this deal is too good to pass up!!!!

    Robusto Sampler New for October

    We are OPEN for business and this is the FIRST sampler that I've cobbled together since our opening! It's October and the weather is changing. That means it's Robusto time. Get out and enjoy these quick smokes while you can! Each cigar should last you...

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  • A great variety of Toro-sized cigars from Nicaragua. You get it all from mellow to full with this offering.

    Nicaragua Sampler 12

    The fertile and volcanic soil of Nicaragua produces some of the world's best tobacco. If you are a fan of cigars, this is not shocking. What's shocking are the cigars in this lineup and the deal that goes with them! Keep in mind that these are all Toro's...

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  • Top rated Robusto sized cigars hailing from Nicaragua! Great value with FREE shipping.

    Nicaragua Sampler 11

    This Cigar Samplers deal is going to be another hit! I'm talking about all Robusto-sized cigars that hail from Nicaragua and are top names in the greater Esteli area. Some are even rated over 90 points. Add FREE shipping and savings off MSRP and I'm...

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  • All Toro sized and All Nicaraguan at low prices. FREE shipping on this pack. Cigar Samplers for the win!

    Toro Sampler 14

    Great news for you! All these Toro-shaped cigars hail directly from Nicaragua!!! Some of these premium sticks are new to you, others are very familiar. That's what I do at Cigar Samplers.. variety. I try to bring you the goods from the "big guys",...

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  • Try  these Toro-sized Nicaraguan puros at a great price!

    Nicaragua Sampler 10

    Here's the short on this Cigar Samplers pack. 1- They are all from Nicaragua. 2- They are all Toro sizes. 3- They are all "darker" cigars. 4- They ship for FREE and 5- They are darn tasty cigars. The first Toro up is the Sindicato Affinity ( 6 X 54 )...

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  • Nicaragua Sampler 9

    Nicaragua Sampler 9

    I must really enjoy Toro's from Nicaragua or there is a cigar shortage and I'm happy to get my hands on whatever I can that's good. You decide! It really doesn't matter because this Cigar Samplers pack may be too good to pass up. Yes, all the cigars hail...

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  • Toro sized and all made in Nicaragua. Great cigars at a great price!

    Nicaragua Sampler 8

    This Cigar Samplers deal is a sleeper that you need to wake up! Sure, you know names like Gurkha, Sindicato, Ortega, and Onyx. This offering gives you subtitles that you may not know about. Trust me, folks, all these cigars are premium long-fillers that...

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