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Factory Samplers

I'm always trying to keep things NEW and FRESH for you!!! This category, Factory Samplers, is a perfect example of cool stuff from
As you know, my primary business is offering you a great variety of my cigar samplers. Four vendors and usually themed for your pleasure. That was my go-to for the past year or so. This will continue to be the main staple at

Times change and so do I. I was approached by several vendors who wish to offer their products as factory samplers! What does this mean? Several, and I suspect more will follow, are offering me cigar pre-packaged samplers direct from their factories. The difference is, these cigar samplers are all from the same maker. Some cigar samplers are 3, 4, 5, or more cigars. Most offer a variety from that particular cigar maker.

I'm excited to offer you some new ways to enjoy cigars from top makers! Maybe try something new or smoke that trusted go-to. I've started with about a dozen or so samplers and we'll see how it goes! I hope you enjoy this and take advantage of the awesome deals.

Best wishes,