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Posted by Jeff Brown on Jan 29th 2024

If you know me and, you can skip over this Blog! If you are NEW, feel free to read on. Here at, I pride myself on offering a nice variety of some of the best cigar samplers online. Some are very reasonable, even cheap. You can shop by price, country, size, and strength. If you are "NEW" to cigars, you can see the best selection for you. I have a tab for "gifts" and a tab for "factory" samplers. These samplers are assembled and delivered directly from the factory to YOU. Kick the tires and look around my site. There is almost something new every week. I try to keep it fresh and interesting for the people! Make sure you sign up for my email. You will be the first to know what's new and hot. I also give away some nice swag every month to those who sign up with their email. It will pop up once you go to! Welcome and thank you for supporting my company!!!