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  • Here's the short and skinny on this Cigar Samplers Deal-O-Rama. Save around 30% off MSRP, enjoy the FREE shipping AND get some awesome Nicaraguan Robusto cigars to enjoy!

    Robusto Sampler 13

    This Cigar Samplers deal features all Robusto-sized vitolas hailing from Nicaragua. Did you know that the soil and micro-climate in Nicaragua make it perfect for cigar plants and coffee too? #funfact The soil in Nicaragua is almost black due to it being...

    MSRP: $29.85
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  • This Cigar Samplers deal really does let you experience all that Nicaragua has to offer. And at better than 30% off MSRP with FREE shipping, it's a value of a deal!

    Nicaragua Sampler 5

    Come and taste the rainbow that is Nicaragua! This offering from Cigar Samplers gives you cigars that range from full to mellow and makes some medium stops in between. Even the Robusto sizes have some variance too. This is what Cigar Samplers is about,...

    MSRP: $32.44
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  • Some of the BEST cigars to come out of Nicaragua! A TRUE Cigar Sampler with FREE shipping. Makes a great cigar gift too!

    Nicaragua Sampler 4

    This Cigar Samplers pack promises to deliver you a fantastic taste of all that is Nicaragua. Famous makers like Pepin, Oliva, and AJ Fernandez are represented in this offering! The price is nice and the shipping is FREE. Taste the rainbow!!! The New...

    MSRP: $35.67
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  • Best of Nicaragua with the best value in town! FREE shipping too. Boom!!!

    Nicaragua Sampler 2

    What's in this Cigar Samplers offering for you? You'll get beefy goodness straight from Nicaragua at a great price. You'll also get FREE shipping on top of the savings! Nice benefits for you. Esteban Carreras Unforsaken Toro Grande ( 6 X 52 ) is a unique...

    MSRP: $41.49
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  • Great cigars from Nicaragua. Super value! Sweet deal on some of the best cigars from Nicaragua!!!

    Nicaragua Sampler 1

    Here's the lowdown on the true sampler. All the cigars are made in Nicaragua. All the cigars are different vitolas and tastes. If you want to visit Nicaragua and see all it offers, just add this Cigar Samplers pack to your cart and you're almost there!...

    MSRP: $35.74
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  • Great Boutique cigars at a better price!

    Boutique Sampler 2

    This Cigar Samplers offering will check ALL the boxes for you! Boutique cigars, check. Dark and tasty, check. All from Nicaragua, check. Priced WAY below MSRP, check! Take a gander at what I put together for you here. First up is a cigar near and dear to...

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    All Nicaraguan an all Robusto size! Check out the deal here!

    Nicaraguan Robusto 1

    I don't usually play favorites. However, if pressed, I would say my favorite tobacco comes from Nicaragua. This Cigar Samplers treat is 4 lovely Robusto-sized cigars that are all crafted in Nicaragua or with Nicaraguan tobaccos as their focus.Oliva Serie...

    MSRP: $34.58
    Was: $23.99
    Now: $17.99
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